Sandra McIntyre: Founder and Principle Designer

Sandra has a long history of design, starting with her beginnings in designing window displays for Vancouver Retailers. Her skill and talent with space, scale, colour and texture took her to Bali, Indonesia where she honed her craft in Fabric and Fashion Design. Later she formalized her education in design at UCLA.

Travel has been one of Sandra's principal influences in her life and has given her a deep appreciation for a multitude of cultures, styles and designs from all over the world. Her expertise draws from her extensive travel and work abroad, adding to her natural ability to create beautiful interiors.

Sandra strives to source and use natural and Canadian materials wherever possible. She believes it is important to support local and sustainable production and design wherever possible.

Serenity West

In addition to design, Sandra founded Serenity West, a Vancouver-based brand focused on providing local, sustainable options for you and your home. Out of a love for linen and a desire to create the things she could not buy, Serenity West launched a line of linen bedding, table linens and women’s clothing in June of 2018.

With Serenity West, we want to show that being environmentally conscious does not mean having to give up design, aesthetics and serenity. Inspired by a modern, West Coast calmness, Serenity West provides a sustainable option for your lifestyle.

Right from the beginning of the design process, we make an effort to be as eco-friendly as possible. Each element is picked for its quality, durability and sustainability.

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